1. A Social Media Strategy

Welcome to my Writer’s Journal where you will find my step-by-step journey as I write Something about Hera.

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I spent the last past days researching the Net to find all I could about a strategy that would make my efforts worthwhile.  Before today, I wrote short stories, novels, and non-fiction books that I published myself on KDP. Once a book published, I was naturally overcome by joy as I sat and watched the results of my work. Each solitary sale was truly exhilarating and I saw each and every one of them as a special victory giving me a proof that I did not waste my time and someone somewhere purchased my work of art.

Months turned into years, and I suffered. I started to spend money to have beautiful covers for my books, making them look like “real books”, whatever that means. I took classes, attended seminars, read books and watched countless hours of videos to understand how things worked. Seven years down the road, I sell even fewer books that I did when I first started and did not know what I was doing.

I decided it was high time to change something. The Internet is a web of possibilities, sites, blogs, and vlogs, which are madly interesting. When I fire up my surface, I get lost in reading, watching, I get easily overwhelmed by all the available information. One click after the other, I slowly lose my focus. Before I can realize it, it is midnight already, and the day ends without my having taken one single step forward.

So, this is it, I am done procrastinating. I am going to focus on my goal, only one goal: to put in place a viable Internet presence strategy. I realized that this could only be achieved through a strict plan for my online activities as a writer. I will give you my detailed thoughts and plans here since this is my journal. Here are 4 steps I followed to decide on my strategy:

Identify my goal:
Sell more books.

Put down foundations / Blog: 
Use my Writer’s Journal (Blog) to reach potential readers, improve my skills and be focused on my work as a writer.

Expand my audience:
This is probably what will come last in my strategy. Maybe with a Newsletter or a Mailing list. At the moment this is not a priority.

Engage my readers:
There are so many possibilities, but after having spent many days navigating the web, I have come to accept that I cannot be everywhere and I do not want to be everywhere. I will be using TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK. I have tried REDDIT and TUMBLR, but they are not for me.

In clear, now that I have my strategy, I will be keeping it in sight to guide me as it is a list of actions for each of the social media platform I have chosen.

TWITTER: I will inspire my readers, I will write about other writers, alternating those who write in French and those who write in English. I will review books, which will also motivate me to read more. I will make sure I stay in my genre: Fantasy / Romance / Gay Romance / Erotica / some YA. I will post from a professional standpoint but also from a personal point of view since I will be giving my opinion on the books I read.

INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: my two elected social media networks. Personal (Instagram) and professional (Facebook and Instagram). On Instagram, I will reach out to other authors, other professionals in entertainment. I will reach out to readers, people who review books in my genre. Now and then, I will also post personal stuff, because I want people to see me as a normal person too, not just someone trying to sell books. On Facebook, I will present my books, my achievements. I will follow “one” group specialized in commercial promotion for writers and I will be active on that page as long as the page is popular. With one lively group, this means about 50 posts to read daily, and a possibility to be noticed while answering to other people in the group.

WORDPRESS: My Writer’s Journal in French for the novel La malédiction des Corr, and in English for Something about Hera. My goal here is to develop loyalty in my readers and bring them to my social network posts.

What do you think of this article? Did it inspire you? Leave a comment or write me.





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