3. I have a strategy, then what?

Once a clear strategy is in place, it is crucial to setup an editorial calendar, so that I know where I am going anf how I plan to get there.

franceVersion en français ici

Everything is in place. I have set up the four accounts I planned on each of the social media networks: TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and also my blog here on WORDPRESS. I have set up a rule for each network and a generic goal in tune with my overall communication campaign. So, I am clearly stating that, at the moment, my marketing efforts will focus on social media, where I will showcase my work, establish a presence, exchange with other writers and readers, build a community of sorts.

Step number one: calm down! Easy!
I have an issue: I always go too fast or want to go too fast. I am aware of this fact, so I want to take my time, look for a way and chose the right path. Whatever I do has to make sense in the big picture of my development project.

Step number two: hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
The most exciting part is done: setting the strategy, deciding. Now, it’s time for work, real work. Now, I will have to write posts, and not to forget my books because, without them, this blog and my entire communication strategy make no sense.

Step number three: I need a plan!
I need a set publishing plan. Just like a magazine of a newspaper, my strategy must be supported with an concrete and strict editorial plan which follows seasons, holidays, annual events etc. My favorite tools are GOOGLE SHEETS et TRELLO. There is a plethora of apps and sites to chose from, but this would mean spending some hours understanding their interface and I just do not wish to invest my time in this at the moment. Google Sheets is for me right now the easiest one to use (it is in French, but I am sure one exists in English somewhere. I just edited the tabs at the bottom, because I prefer a monthly view. Trello offers the possibility to set alarms, but this is a bit of a luxury for me at the moment.


On each month, I wrote (at the moment, still only in my paper journal, because I need to organize it) the holidays (Easter, Christmas etc.), and the seasons. I also stated when I want to publish micro-stories and the topic for each one. The non-fiction stories are also noted but since many of them are evergreen, I have just randomly placed them on the calendar. I will adjust later on. The goal of these articles is to change them into 30 page-booklets eventually.

Having a plan does not mean that there is no leeway for punctual creativity, of course, but now that I have an idea of the topics I will be researching, I have a reassuring frame.

What do you think of this? Which calendar do you use? Do you find it useful to have a clear plan for the year? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or write me.

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