4. F*¢k yeah! A website!

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I’m done with being shy and nervous about wanting to sell my books! This is history! I now want my website to be a springboard towards selling.

I know quite a few writers who, just like I did yesterday, wondered about the right way to get famous, still preserving their integrity, their creativity, their independence… Yada yada… I got it now, and I sincerely prefer to sell my books than talk about them. This is where I stand. I want things to change to my advantage. Enough huffing and puffing. Tabula rasa!

I auto-published my first ebook in 2011, rather unintentionally, I must admit. Seven years later, I sell two or three books per month, I earn a few cents. Once a year, these few cents have a party and pay for my bank fees. That’s rubbish!
And there is more… A few years back, I took part in a project. I sold about 10 short stories (Yey! I was on my way to stardom!). Two years later I cashed in 142 euros after they sold my stories 177 times. So, you do the Maths. Enough is enough!

attenteI just put my website on hold. After an in-depth analysis of my needs, I rrealizedI had been too reserved, to polite. In clear I am too shy, I don’t put myself out there, hence no one sees me. My website will:
1. Help me get known to…
2. Sell my books.

I found hundreds of articles on the best way to promote books, and I chose one, easy, simple and evergreen. These are the steps I have chosen.

  1. Get your digital house in order
    This goes without saying and has been the first step of my digital rebirth. My three social media platforms, three windows into the digital readership are TWITTERINSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK.
  2. Blog about your topic
    Mission accomplished here with WORDPRESS. I have not “installed WordPress yet, but this will be one of the steps I will take in the next month or so.
  3. Get reviews to showcase the readers’ satisfaction
    The oh-so-coveted comments. This is such an inescapable part of marketing ebooks that I will spend time on it in the next months. I will even write it on my calendar. Book reviews and blog comments go hand in hand. Popularity, influence is the go-to place for my strategy. I read blogs where it is not possible to “Like” and comments are the only option. This is an interesting way of forcing people to leave a trace. With a danger though, at times, I will just run away with a click, above all if I need to sign-up before posting a feedback. Food for thoughts.
  4. Offer an excerpt of the book for free
    Just a glance, a peep. It is now essential. I never buy a book without looking inside, reading a few lines. I also never buy a boxed product without checking the object itself. So, yes, excerpts, please!

The other pieces of advise are certainly interesting but at the moment, not for me. Creating a buzz? Well, if I could do that, I would not be here sweating over my keyboard. I will create a buzz later on, when I have a community, when I have gained influence. Right now, it would buzz only for me. Making a video seems too raw for the time being. Making an audiobook, however, might be enticing. More on that later.


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