5. Brand New Digital Identity

I want to give my blog an identity, my personal digital image. I also want to write posts on a format that make me happy.

franceVersion en français ici

Social networks give us an opportunity to broadcast ourselves. Individual expression, therefore, becomes more democratic. Forget the time when you had to be famous to have a public image. As I realized this, I started to wonder what image I wanted for my blog. It became clear that I had to work on this before going any further.

My writings are mainly love stories appealing to women who will probably resemble me. It is also paramount that I write in a format that pleases me. I like bright colors, but also pastels, watercolors and everything romantic.

My blog has now a new look. I use Canva to create images because I am familiar with the site and this allows me to save time. I created a signature and some banners and I hope my readers (you) will enjoy the new look as much as I enjoy it.











Links to help you find graphics for your website:

http://www.canva.com/ — Banners, FB covers, book covers etc.
http://www.onlygfx.com/ — free graphics, no sig in required
https://www.kisspng.com — free graphics, with captcha, but this is not bad.


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