7. No one reads!

(Pas de version en français cette fois.
contactez-moi si vous en souhaitez une!)

Maybe it is truly so. Maybe there is so much information out on the web that readers are content just waiting for (good or not) stuff to hit them on the head without going out to search for it. Maybe they are just passively using the platform until something hits the charts, something they should not miss. Maybe, maybe.

As I wrote before, I am done waiting for my books to become best-sellers, for my posts to make the buzz. I am just a tear in the ocean. It is time that I accept this reality.
On Instagram, I get a lot of “like”s but no comments. I guess a lot of people just browse down and click on the picture, maybe don’t even read the words beside it. I am guilty of doing that sometimes when I do not have the possibility to read every post.

I want to change my Instagram strategy. I want to have the clicks that count. Am I being overzealous? Maybe or maybe not. I realized that quite a few people follow me to have one more follower, and I follow them in return, even if they are not really in my area of action. They are not writers, designers, editors, publishers etc. So, we really don’t have much in common.

When I tell people I write, I get the same reaction from most of them. People don’t buy books anymore. People are bombarded with information. People don’t read like they used to. If you ask me, this is all BS. People read and books are sold. Just like before . Just like before too, people read best-sellers, people watch the videos that make the buzz.

Nothing has changed. Just because you and I can now self-publish a book and have it accessible does not mean that readers will access it. It needs a little bit more than that.

I am still looking for what it is that is needed for my books to be bought and read (at least bought, so I can be a full-time writer!), so bear with me.


What about you? What do you think? How do you advertise your ebooks? How many do you sell? Is it profitable? Let me know below or write to me.

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