8. Short and Sweets

(Pas de version en français cette fois.
contactez-moi si vous en souhaitez une!)


I don’t know if others are like me, but when I open a blog, it is usually after reading the headline and feeling convinced that this particular topic will be exciting for me. Sometimes it is because of an image, or a name that pops. Anyways… Once I have landed on the page, it takes a few seconds before I figure out if I will actually read. And there are several factors that come into play:

 – Too long, oh, God, way too long!
I read long articles for my studies, I read them when I am forced to do so. Never by choice. So, if it’s too long, it’s too bad!

No bullet points
Immediately related to the point above. I am staring at an endless page (and you know what I mean, Internet pages can go on for a lifetime) of black characters on a white background. Bullet points help me find out if I am actually interested in what is written. You don’t have them, I won’t waste my time.

 – Anti-climax
Also following the above. Something was promised — you know what I mean: “Loose 10Kg in a month in 5 easy steps” kind of promise– and I just can’t see it materializing. So, major turn-off, and bye bye birdy!

As a result, I want to keep my posts short (400 words) and with sweets (images I like).


What about you? Do you prefer short or long articles? What makes you click? What chases you away? Let me know below or write to me.

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