8. Short and Sweets

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I don’t know if others are like me, but when I open a blog, it is usually after reading the headline and feeling convinced that this particular topic will be exciting for me. Sometimes it is because of an image, or a name that pops. Anyways… Once I have landed on the page, it takes a few seconds before I figure out if I will actually read. And there are several factors that come into play:

 – Too long, oh, God, way too long!
I read long articles for my studies, I read them when I am forced to do so. Never by choice. So, if it’s too long, it’s too bad!

No bullet points
Immediately related to the point above. I am staring at an endless page (and you know what I mean, Internet pages can go on for a lifetime) of black characters on a white background. Bullet points help me find out if I am actually interested in what is written. You don’t have them, I won’t waste my time.

 – Anti-climax
Also following the above. Something was promised — you know what I mean: “Loose 10Kg in a month in 5 easy steps” kind of promise– and I just can’t see it materializing. So, major turn-off, and bye bye birdy!

As a result, I want to keep my posts short (400 words) and with sweets (images I like).


What about you? Do you prefer short or long articles? What makes you click? What chases you away? Let me know below or write to me.

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7. No one reads!

(Pas de version en français cette fois.
contactez-moi si vous en souhaitez une!)

Maybe it is truly so. Maybe there is so much information out on the web that readers are content just waiting for (good or not) stuff to hit them on the head without going out to search for it. Maybe they are just passively using the platform until something hits the charts, something they should not miss. Maybe, maybe.

As I wrote before, I am done waiting for my books to become best-sellers, for my posts to make the buzz. I am just a tear in the ocean. It is time that I accept this reality.
On Instagram, I get a lot of “like”s but no comments. I guess a lot of people just browse down and click on the picture, maybe don’t even read the words beside it. I am guilty of doing that sometimes when I do not have the possibility to read every post.

I want to change my Instagram strategy. I want to have the clicks that count. Am I being overzealous? Maybe or maybe not. I realized that quite a few people follow me to have one more follower, and I follow them in return, even if they are not really in my area of action. They are not writers, designers, editors, publishers etc. So, we really don’t have much in common.

When I tell people I write, I get the same reaction from most of them. People don’t buy books anymore. People are bombarded with information. People don’t read like they used to. If you ask me, this is all BS. People read and books are sold. Just like before . Just like before too, people read best-sellers, people watch the videos that make the buzz.

Nothing has changed. Just because you and I can now self-publish a book and have it accessible does not mean that readers will access it. It needs a little bit more than that.

I am still looking for what it is that is needed for my books to be bought and read (at least bought, so I can be a full-time writer!), so bear with me.


What about you? What do you think? How do you advertise your ebooks? How many do you sell? Is it profitable? Let me know below or write to me.

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5. Brand New Digital Identity

I want to give my blog an identity, my personal digital image. I also want to write posts on a format that make me happy.

franceVersion en français ici

Social networks give us an opportunity to broadcast ourselves. Individual expression, therefore, becomes more democratic. Forget the time when you had to be famous to have a public image. As I realized this, I started to wonder what image I wanted for my blog. It became clear that I had to work on this before going any further.

My writings are mainly love stories appealing to women who will probably resemble me. It is also paramount that I write in a format that pleases me. I like bright colors, but also pastels, watercolors and everything romantic.

My blog has now a new look. I use Canva to create images because I am familiar with the site and this allows me to save time. I created a signature and some banners and I hope my readers (you) will enjoy the new look as much as I enjoy it.











Links to help you find graphics for your website:

http://www.canva.com/ — Banners, FB covers, book covers etc.
http://www.onlygfx.com/ — free graphics, no sig in required
https://www.kisspng.com — free graphics, with captcha, but this is not bad.


1. A Social Media Strategy

Welcome to my Writer’s Journal where you will find my step-by-step journey as I write Something about Hera.

franceVersion en français ici

I spent the last past days researching the Net to find all I could about a strategy that would make my efforts worthwhile.  Before today, I wrote short stories, novels, and non-fiction books that I published myself on KDP. Once a book published, I was naturally overcome by joy as I sat and watched the results of my work. Each solitary sale was truly exhilarating and I saw each and every one of them as a special victory giving me a proof that I did not waste my time and someone somewhere purchased my work of art.

Months turned into years, and I suffered. I started to spend money to have beautiful covers for my books, making them look like “real books”, whatever that means. I took classes, attended seminars, read books and watched countless hours of videos to understand how things worked. Seven years down the road, I sell even fewer books that I did when I first started and did not know what I was doing.

I decided it was high time to change something. The Internet is a web of possibilities, sites, blogs, and vlogs, which are madly interesting. When I fire up my surface, I get lost in reading, watching, I get easily overwhelmed by all the available information. One click after the other, I slowly lose my focus. Before I can realize it, it is midnight already, and the day ends without my having taken one single step forward.

So, this is it, I am done procrastinating. I am going to focus on my goal, only one goal: to put in place a viable Internet presence strategy. I realized that this could only be achieved through a strict plan for my online activities as a writer. I will give you my detailed thoughts and plans here since this is my journal. Here are 4 steps I followed to decide on my strategy:

Identify my goal:
Sell more books.

Put down foundations / Blog: 
Use my Writer’s Journal (Blog) to reach potential readers, improve my skills and be focused on my work as a writer.

Expand my audience:
This is probably what will come last in my strategy. Maybe with a Newsletter or a Mailing list. At the moment this is not a priority.

Engage my readers:
There are so many possibilities, but after having spent many days navigating the web, I have come to accept that I cannot be everywhere and I do not want to be everywhere. I will be using TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK. I have tried REDDIT and TUMBLR, but they are not for me.

In clear, now that I have my strategy, I will be keeping it in sight to guide me as it is a list of actions for each of the social media platform I have chosen.

TWITTER: I will inspire my readers, I will write about other writers, alternating those who write in French and those who write in English. I will review books, which will also motivate me to read more. I will make sure I stay in my genre: Fantasy / Romance / Gay Romance / Erotica / some YA. I will post from a professional standpoint but also from a personal point of view since I will be giving my opinion on the books I read.

INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: my two elected social media networks. Personal (Instagram) and professional (Facebook and Instagram). On Instagram, I will reach out to other authors, other professionals in entertainment. I will reach out to readers, people who review books in my genre. Now and then, I will also post personal stuff, because I want people to see me as a normal person too, not just someone trying to sell books. On Facebook, I will present my books, my achievements. I will follow “one” group specialized in commercial promotion for writers and I will be active on that page as long as the page is popular. With one lively group, this means about 50 posts to read daily, and a possibility to be noticed while answering to other people in the group.

WORDPRESS: My Writer’s Journal in French for the novel La malédiction des Corr, and in English for Something about Hera. My goal here is to develop loyalty in my readers and bring them to my social network posts.

What do you think of this article? Did it inspire you? Leave a comment or write me.