Who am I?

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Behind my pen name, the initials (F.T.) there is my first and family name. I am “hiding” this way because when I first started, I wrote timid stories where passion and feelings remained stuck in my mind. Why? I was just scared of my readers because they were my friends, people I knew and met every day. No one tells their friends everything that goes through their heads, their weirdest dreams, and of course, no one shares with close friends what happens in their own lives, once the doors are closed, the clothes on the ground.

I was scared that my readers would consider my writing to be autobiographical, a memoir of sorts. I was petrified they would judge me. I was worried I would have to explain and justify myself.

With the years passing by, I became more conscious of my real place. Whatever I write about, day to day life is different, and this is a good thing. Writing brings me a possibility to repair it all, to correct mistakes and emphasize what I liked, freely.